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28 July 2004



Liverpool A City In Mourning.
How much more pain can this once great city take.
First Lennon, now Bigley.
A city famed for it's long tradition of excellent relations between the many ethnic groups that go to make up it's population. A tradition personified in these two men with their obvious penchant for the oriental female. Ken Bigley was only a few months away from collecting his suitcase full of dollars and had planned his return to The Girly Girly Bar & Cabaret where he first met his lovely young Thai wife when he was tragically cut down in the prime of life. Ken Bigley was 59.

yvone johnson

Very pretty blog. Nicely laid out & classy.

Judd Battlebot Crumb-Bumbler Franklin

Its very uncool to hear from me, but this is a very beautiful site. It pushes some buttons with its irreverence. And why the hell not?! Who wants to revere these days? What's the golsh derned point? All that most city dwellers can do is drink their IPA and wonder what the hell they are going to do with the little pocket of mental energy they have left over from the day of esoteric labor.


Needless to say this site rocks, like metamorphic style. None of that Igneous shiite.



The freedom loving people of the United States of Ukraine have been robbed of their democratic rights. Tens of thousands of ballot papers gone missing, thousands of people disenfranchised and all with the connivance of the forces of law and order and the security services especially in the region of Floridagrad, the personal fiefdom of the presidents brother Jebovic. The President himself, Georgio Bushovic,is a known drunkard and stooge of the fundamentalist madmen in the White House....er Kremlin. Hallelujah. This will not stand.

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